9 Important Tips For Buying New Homes In Melbourne

If you have been thinking about relocating, either because your current house is too small for your ever-expanding family or because you’ve gotten a new job, there are a number of important tips that you should keep in mind. These will ensure that your new home in Melbourne is of exceptional quality, that it meets your expectations and is able to serve you for many years to come.

  1. Builder Types
    The first thing that you must consider is that there is more than one type of builder you could choose. Production builders, for example, generally work on a number of homes at once. Custom builders, on the other hand, generally build to your exact specifications.
  2. Registration
    You will probably find that, when you enter the onsite sales office, you will be asked to fill out some form of registration card. This information generally only consists of ways that they can contact you (such as email addresses or telephone numbers).
  3. Onsite Agents
    It is of the utmost importance that you remember that these people work for the builder, not for you! This is why it is important that you ask plenty of questions and gather lots of information, as it will ensure that you have all the facts before making a decision.
  4. Options
    Most builders will be have a number of options that you can choose between. Structural, for example, could be the addition or deletion of a room or wall. Interior or exterior, on the other hand, could be countertops for the kitchen and colour schemes for the rooms.
  5. Incentives
    When it comes to buying new homes in Melbourne, most builders will offer incentives to convince you to purchase through them. These could include payment of settlement costs, design centre allowances, appliances or payment of initiation fees.
  6. Contracts
    The contracts supplied by most builders are actually stock standard documents, but it is still important to thoroughly read through it or seek counsel who will do this for you. This will help you to understand your rights, as well as any restrictions.
  7. Associations
    Did you know that many communities actually have their homeowner associations (HOA)? These are responsible for maintaining the look and feel of the neighbourhood, so it is important that you have a copy of their bylaws when contemplating construction.
  8. Closing/Settlement
    The good news is that settlement usually goes pretty smoothly because many of the issues that arise during established property transaction are not a factor with a new home. This doesn’t mean that nothing will go wrong, but it is less likely.
  9. Warranty
    A builder will generally offer a warranty of some kind on most elements of the construction. It is important to remember that the warranty period will be different for many of these elements – structural could be 10 years and appliances could only be 2 or 3.

By ensuring that you are familiar with each of the above tips and that you have factored them into your plan, you can rest assured that buying a new home in Melbourne is a smooth process. If you are ever unsure about any stage of the construction, make sure you bring it up with either the builder or the onsite agent – both of whom should be able to clarify.