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Just as we have polluted our world to the edge of climate chaos we also have the resources and knowledge to save it. It comes down to what we want, what we dream of. If we choose we can make our politicians take the action needed.

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You can have a fun holiday in the UK Mr Blair!

The Prime Minister has just jetted back from a holiday in Miami. He says he doesn’t need to fly less and that technology will deal with climate change. We like technology. And it’s true that there’s loads of good, clean kit out there to eventually replace all the old dirty stuff - if only the government would really back it! But we won’t lower our national carbon count quickly enough without saving energy too, starting right now. That doesn’t mean totally giving things up, but doing things differently.

Why not take every other holiday in the UK instead of jetting off thousands of miles? Or take the boat/train across the channel? There are plenty of places in the UK and nearby to have a fun time, anytime, and the carbon saved by not flying would really make a difference.

So go on Mr Blair. Show us you count by having a good old British holiday next time. And in the meantime give that clean green technology you were talking about the support it deserves…

Fancy a spot of birdwatching?

27-28 January sees the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, a chance for all the family to get involved and count some birds.

This winter we are seeing less familiar faces and more unusual birds in our gardens after an autumn and winter of above-average temperatures, which has also left lots of good food still available in the wild.

So if a bit of birdwatching is quite tempting, why not join in the fun and do your bit for our wildlife at the same time?

Visit the RSPB website: www.rspb.org.uk/birdwatch

Read the press release >>

Aviation protest greets Blair's CBI Speech

The spectacle of Tony Blair naked, apart from a pair of union jack swimming trunks, clutching a giant inflatable aeroplane, greeted the PM as he went to speak at the CBI yesterday. The stunt was organised by climate change protesters from the World Development Movement (WDM).

More on the WDM website: www.wdm.org.uk

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