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10 ways to motivate others

Get in on the action - Trafalgar Square 1-3pm, Saturday 4 November.

The more of us there are in Trafalgar Square, the louder a message we can send to Tony Blair. Here are 10 ways you can help get lots more people to come to the I Count event.

  1. Tell all your friends and family. It's obvious but sometimes forgotten - why not arrange to all travel together.

  2. Send an email out to everyone in your address book. Unlike spam people are more likely to read an email that a friend sends.

  3. Leave piles of flyers around where you live, in: newsagents, train stations, notice boards, churches. Flyers are available from Stop Climate Chaos - just email [email protected]

  4. Hand flyers out at local events, after screenings of An Inconvenient Truth, at fairs, farmers markets and speaker meetings etc. Flyers are available from Stop Climate Chaos - just email [email protected]

  5. Hand out flyers in your High Street. Set up a table and hand them out as people go by. Get your friends and family to help you. Why not have a role play if you've never done this before. Remember flyers will have more impact if you get to talk about the issue to people who are handing them out.

  6. Give a talk or presentation. The list of where these could take place is endless: women's groups, schools, youth clubs, residents groups and so on. Remember to start where you feel comfortable.

  7. Organise a DIY prop-making session, for your church, mosque, playgroup to bring banners and flags to the event. A wonderful way to get others involved and it's always good to represent where you come from.

  8. Write a letter or send a press release to your local newspaper. Coming soon - a template press release. Click here to download our 4 November Organiser's Pack, complete with regional media toolkit.

  9. Organise a publicity stunt. Make it photogenic to give it more chance of being picked up by the press.

  10. Arrange transport so that it will be easy for people to get to the event.

>> The organizer's pack - all you need to know (312kb, PDF)