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Why Saturday 4 November?

Get in on the action - Trafalgar Square 1-3pm, Saturday 4 November.

The date marks the last Saturday before the next round of international talks on climate change start in Nairobi, Kenya, on Monday 6. Kenya's poor, like the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, will be hit hardest by climate change. Many of us are changing our habits to cut our own carbon emissions. This must be backed up by the world's leaders taking action, including the UK who will be at the negotiating table. The I Count event is an opportunity for us to tell our government that we want them to go into the negotiations committed to do everything they can to stop climate chaos.

The event also comes just before the Queen's Speech on Wednesday 15 November, here in the UK. The Queen's Speech marks the start of the new 'parliamentary year', setting out the agenda for the year ahead. Stop Climate Chaos is calling for a climate change bill to be introduced in the Queen's Speech. The Bill would require Government to commit to a Carbon Budget as a way of managing UK greenhouse gas emissions and significantly to ensure that these emissions are cut by at least 3% year-on-year.

The bottom line is that whatever we can do as individuals and in our communities, the government can multiply. Cleaner cars - it can make it law. Sharing clean technology with the world's poorest countries - it can see it happens. Better buildings that don't leak heat - it does it.

If we're going to stop climate chaos, this is what the government has to do:

  • Action internationally: Take a lead - round the world the UK government has to work for agreement to cut carbon pollution. World-wide carbon pollution must be in decline by 2015.

  • Action in the UK: No nonsense - at least 3% year-on-year carbon reductions.

  • Action for justice: Help the poorest countries get access to clean energy, help them cut out poverty and deal with the climate disasters they are already facing.