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Make The Bill Count - your downloadable toolkit

This Autumn I Count is calling on as many people as possible to contact their MP about the Climate Change Bill.

In addition to telling you about the Top 3 Changes to the bill that I Count is campaigning for, the documents downloadable from this page will show you how to effectively contact your MP and engage the local media in your efforts.

Please click on the links below to download the guides... and to see who else counts in your local area be sure to have a look at our all-new I Count Community Groups Map.

megaphone people count too you know

Make The Bill Count:
what we want and when we want it by

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How to Meet Your MP
Get up close and personal with your MP and other likeminded groups

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How to get the attention of the local media
Get in the papers, on the telly and all over the media

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How to write to your MP
Practice your prose on a Member of Parliament

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Then what...

Please let us know what your MP said. It’s critical that we know which MPs are supportive of our changes and which MPs are wavering.

If you’re part of a national organisation, you can feedback to the main office (so if you’re a local Friends of the Earth group, get back to FoE and tell them how the meeting went; if you’re a local CAFOD campaigner, get back to CAFOD, etc).

If you’re not a member of any organisation tell us how your meeting went by emailing [email protected]. Please remember to include your name, group name, constituency, MP's name, how it went and your phone number.

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