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Have you told your MP lately...

Even MPs need to know that you're thinking of them on Valentine's Day - and that's why we're putting together an e-Valentine card for you to send to your MP telling him or her just how much you care (well, care about the Climate Change Bill that is).

If you're signed up to receive our email communications, we'll be sending you an email shortly with a link to the e-card. This we hope will tease and tickle your MP into backing the Top 3 Changes we're proposing are made to the Bill that is due to be voted on in the spring.

In the meantime if you can't resist reaching out to your member of parliament, then please download one or all of our guides that explain all of the best ways to make your MP notice you.  

Please click on the links below to download the guides and, to see who else counts in your local area, be sure to have a look at our I Count Community Groups Map.

Make The Bill Count:
what we want and when we want it by

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How to Meet Your MP
Get up close and personal with your MP

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How to write to your MP
Practice your prose on a Member of Parliament

click here to downloadClick here to download >>


How to get the attention of the local media
Get in the papers, on the telly and all over the media

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Then what...

Please let us know what your MP said. It’s really important that we know which MPs are supportive of our changes and which MPs are wavering.

You can tell us how your enquiry or meeting was received by emailing [email protected]. Please remember to include your name, constituency, MP's name and ideally a contact phone number.

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