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Hope - J.F. Mouhot (Jeff Mouhot)

Thoughts and ideas on Climate Change and Energy Conservation, stories of hope, joys and frustrations of a lover of the earth who does not want to despair about what we are doing to her. Jean-Francois (Jeff) Mouhot, November 2006. Email contact: [email protected]
Last post: 26 July 2007

Saved (optimist)

The story of how the world defied the odds to save itself from catastrophe.
Last post: 04 December 2006

The Line of Progress (dagan)

Anti Climate Change Poetry
Last post: 23 April 2007

Greening Up (shiney)

Mini thoughts and small sparks of green wisdom from an everyday normal eco-aware bod. (is there such a thing as normal?) You don't have to green up your life in one fell swoop. Take it easy and do one thing at a time. You'll feel a whole heap better, healthier and do the planet some good too!
Last post: 23 November 2006

I Count Cyclists (aggie)

Reporting after cycling from Norwich to Trafalgar Square for the I Count rally
Last post: 07 November 2006

Jenna Appleseed's blog (Jenna Appleseed)

general climate change and environmental blog
Last post: 29 November 2006

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