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My actions

This is the beginning of everything. It's your first I Count action - when you get to find out just how irresistible you are.

It's when you first looked climate chaos in the eye, and gave it a good poke.

Choose your first action now.

Grow the Count

Don't keep I Count to yourself, share it with your friends. The bigger the count gets, the more we get noticed. The more politicians notice us, the more chance there is we can stop climate chaos.

So pass the message on and get your friends to join the count.

Discover the power of off

With one finger usefully applied to a TV off button you can save 20kg of carbon in a single year.

This is the power of off.

Come along, and learn to love off - it's easy.

Act Now

Today's the day when you try something new. The Queen's giving a speech in Parliament on November 15 and you - yes you - can influence what she's going to say.

I Count is calling for a law to cut the UK's climate changing emissions year-on-year to be included in the speech.