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Get your hands on the i count book

Hot and bothered about climate change?

i count - Your step-by-step guide to climate blissStop. This book is for you. It's easy and it works. This short, inspirational and aspirational book offers 16 essential steps that take you from The Power of Off and Rejecting the Ridiculous, to the Magic of Sharing. It will help you do your bit to cut carbon, put pressure on politicians to do theirs too and give you an excuse to get your favourite person into the shower.

Beautifully illustrated and packed full of interactive pages, here's the book that can change the world - literally. Available in all good bookshops from October. Published by Penguin.

Make your actions count. Make your voice count. And never stop dreaming.

Order your copy here: www.amazon.co.uk (search for 'stop climate chaos') or buy it at all good bookshops from October 19.