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Green Gas

name: Just Jack
occupation: musician
place of residence: London

London based musician and DJ Just Jack is best known for his no.2 single, 'Starz in Their Eyes', but he's also a keen cyclist and recyclist. Oh yeah and he isn't too happy about shrinking glaciers..

1. What is the greenest thing you have done?
I don’t do big things, I just do all the little small things. I think that’s the whole point, just switching things off and turning down my heating and not using a tumble dryer - all those really obvious things. For me it’s just thinking about the energy you are using, not just thinking isn’t electricity great, I can just cane it.

2. How do you get about from A - B?
I ride a bike all the time, I try not to take cars that much, that’s reasonably green I suppose. My girlfriend has just signed up for this Street Car thing where there are cars parked in the street and you can use them for a fiver an hour, which I think is a brilliant idea.

3. Is green the new black?
It worries me all that kind of thing. I did a furniture design degree and what I realised, which is quite sad, is that during the course the whole recycled, sustainable thing became big and then disappeared again. I don’t like the idea that it’s fashionable, people start thinking it’s just a fad. They think I don’t need to do all this stuff because the global warming thing will just go, they think it will be all right, it will get cooler in a few years. So that kind of thing does worry me, so I don’t think of it as a green thing or a fashion thing.

4. If you were Prime Minister for the day, what one green decision would you make?
I would make recycling law. In other countries in Europe it is law and you have to split up all your stuff, your bins are compartmentalised and you have to do that. Until things are law people aren’t going to do it. I think if you could get nicked for it, that might make a difference.

5. Do you have an eco hero?
I think anyone who is doing anything or taking notice of it is a little bit of a hero.

6. When was the last time you used the words ‘climate change’?
This morning. Because I said to my girlfriend I’ve got some people coming round about climate change later! I do think about it regularly. I was talking about it yesterday because we’ve got a portable phone at home which sits in a charger and the charger is always on, so I’m going to get rid of that.

7. Have you personally witnessed any evidence of climate change?
I’ve seen stuff on telly like everyone. I think the madest thing is the glaciers melting, I think it’s one of the most visual things - you can look at it and see what’s happening. I’ve had conversations with people where they say this will happen naturally anyway, we go from Ice ages to hot periods, but the main thing is that things have obviously speeded up a lot and whether or not it would happen naturally, it’s definitely going a lot faster than in the preceeding years.

8. What is your guiltiest green secret?
Because I don’t drive cars, there isn’t that much that I’ve done that I think is particularly bad. Apart from a bit of apathy maybe at certain points but generally I am quite aware.
9. Where is your favourite place to holiday or get away to in the UK?
I went to Dorset recently which was really beautiful. Scotland’s amazing. I like a lot of England, there are some very cool places you can get away to in the UK.

10. Complete this sentence: ‘We are living in…’ 
A material world and I am a material girl! We are living in a material world - I think that sums up quite a lot!

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