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Green Gas

name: Wayne Hemingway
occupation: designer
place of residence: UK

Having just launched a range of sustainable timber sheds and a rather literal looking line of water butts, acclaimed British designer and Red or Dead founder Wayne Hemingway reveals his green leanings.

1. What is the greenest thing you have done?
I installed a sewage treatment plant at our home.

2. How do you get about from A - B?
First choice cycle, second walk, third public transport ..last resort, our two hybrids... Prius and Estima.

3. Do you have an eco-hero?
My nan... she taught me to be thrifty, she reused almost everything, she melted bits of soap to make new bars etc etc.

5. Where's your favourite place to holiday or get away to in the UK?
Boscombe... the new surf reef, surf pods and those lovely beaches.

6. If you were Prime Minister for the day, what one green decision would you make?
Invest massively in cycle lanes, cycling opportunities in general.

7. Is green the new black?
Hope not cos black goes out of fashion every few years.

8. When was the last time you used the words ‘climate change’?
6.46am on 6th January 08.

8. Have you personally witnessed any evidence of climate change?
Yes... I can't go sledging with my kids in the UK anymore.

8. What is your guiltiest green secret?
I have a home in Australia but I've learnt so much there about sustainability and good living.

10. Complete this sentence: ‘We are living in…’ 
times of great opportunity, times when those that make a difference can reap the benefits…

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