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Green Gas

name: Sarah Beeny
occupation: Presenter and web dating guru
place of residence: London

Sarah Beeny, the presenter of Channel 4’s popular ‘Property Ladder’, founder of dating website, mysinglefriend.com, and mother of two,  thinks being green begins at home, well, in the bathroom...

1. What is the greenest thing you have done?
I stopped using unnecessary products.

2. How do you get about from A - B?
Walk, tube, bus, train, taxi or the car a bit more at weekends.

3. Do you have an eco-hero?
Loads but I am not sure anyone would have heard of them - I think my grandmother as environmentally her impact was about a tenth of what most peoples are nowadays.

5. Where's your favourite place to holiday or get away to in the UK?
Stapleford Park in Leicestershire is a fabulous hotel.

6. If you were Prime Minister for the day, what one green decision would you make?
I would tax imported food heavily so we would use more locally grown produce.

7. Is green the new black?
I hope not!!!

8. When was the last time you used the words ‘climate change’?
A few weeks ago - I think we need to make changes on a very small scale and that will be what impacts climate change most. I think talking too much about climate change makes the issue so big it's difficult to get your head round.

8. Have you personally witnessed any evidence of climate change?
Yes - we had blossom on the trees in December!

8. What is your guiltiest green secret?
All four of us (me, my husband and two children) share a bath every night - a bit scummy but its good fun and uses far less water.

10. Complete this sentence: ‘We are living in…’ 
...a wonderful world. Let's keep it that way.

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