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Green Gas

name: Julian Rhind Tutt
occupation: Actor
place of residence: London

Julian Rhind Tutt is best known for his comic turn as Dr Mac McCartney in Channel 4’s ‘Green Wing’, but just how green is the London based actor.

1. What is the greenest thing you have done?
I accidentally bought a very big Mercedes. So to make up for it I had it converted from evil nasty petrol to slightly less evil LPG.

2. What is your guiltiest green secret?
Probably buying the Mercedes in the first place! I also have a motorbike which does pump a few nasty fumes out into the atmosphere, but I am hoping to find some brilliantly hypocritical way to carbon offset it.

3. Do you have an eco-hero?
It’s probably Dale Vince OBE, the boss of Ecotricity. They are doing a lot with wind and so forth, to try and pour money back into sustainable electricity.

4. If you were Prime Minister for the day, what one green decision would you make?
If I could go one up from Prime Minister, to say omnipotent ruler of the world, I would love to make a massive law where we could only have electric cars from now on.

5. Where's your favourite place to holiday or get away to in the UK?
I am drawn to the sunshine, despite being of a very pale complexion, so I would probably say Scotland, with the natural valleys and green rolling hills. Obviously, I would walk there.

6. Is green the new black?
Well, what I am drawn to with that question, is that we need to replace the whole notion of the black bin bag. We probably only want to be having green and blue recyclable bags. Big fan of the German way of things - you should compartmentalise your rubbish and pay a penalty for the evil black bag at the end of the rubbish row.

7. Complete this sentence: ‘We are living in…’
…..in England. And we probably ought to be living in Germany, if we want to be doing more about climate change. Or almost any other European nation. So that’s food for thought…..

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