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Green Gas

It's all well and good having big names telling you to turn off your chargers and not to fly, but what are our celebrity supporters doing in their lifestyles to stop climate chaos?

Every month we'll be grilling those who usually only talk to Heat on what it means to be green.

Karl Davies

Having cut his teeth on 'Emmerdale' before moving up to play sidekick to Stephen Fry in 'Kingdom', Manchester born actor Karl Davies's CV is shaping up pretty well. But what about this rising star's green credentials?
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 Just Jack

London based musician and DJ Just Jack is best known for his no.2 single, 'Starz in Their Eyes', but he's also a keen cyclist and recyclist. Oh yeah and he isn't too happy about shrinking glaciers.
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We want you too!

As well as wracking the brains of the big names, we’re really keen to hear what you’re doing in your lives to stop climate chaos. In return we'll put your answers and picture up on the I Count website on your very on page.

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