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Climate change bill welcomed as first step to stop climate chaos

Stop Climate Chaos welcomed today’s announcement in the Queen’s Speech that the Government will introduce a Climate Change Bill in 2007 - as demanded by 25,000 people attending the ‘I Count’ event recently in London’s Trafalgar Square - but also caution whether the detail of the legislation will go far enough in tackling the problem.

“We congratulate the Government for responding to the widespread call for a Climate Change Bill. But five year targets are not enough; the Bill must open the way to annual Carbon Budget to get a grip on UK emissions and live within our carbon means. This is the only way we can effectively monitor progress and adjust policy to ensure UK emissions fall by at least 3% annually from now on.” Ashok Sinha, Director, Stop Climate Chaos.

Members of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, led by Friends of the Earth, have been calling for a Climate Change Bill to commit the Government to delivering substantial and sustained annual reductions in UK greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, the Bill must pave the way to an annual Carbon Budget to ensure emissions reductions occur across all sectors of the economy, promote low carbon enterprise, and deliver an overall reduction of at least 3% annually - the level that industrialised countries must achieve if global warming is to be kept below the danger threshold of 2 degrees centigrade.

SCC is an unprecedented and growing coalition on climate change, bringing together environment and development organisations, unions, faith, community and women’s groups. The ‘I Count’ campaign was launched on Wednesday 11th October with the unveiling of a 4ft ice sculpture of Prime Minister Tony Blair’s head encased around a first edition of Penguin book, ‘I Count: A Step by Step Guide to Climate Bliss’.  The campaign has since gained rapid support from many leading figures and high profile supporters concerned about climate change.  



Notes to Editors:
1.  For further information and interview or image requests, please contact:
Alison Blower Media Coordinator
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2.   SCC members include: A Rocha, ActionAid, ACTSA, Airport Watch, BMS world Mission, CAFOD, Campaign against Climate Change, Carplus, Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, From Greenhouse to Green House, Garden Organic, Greenpeace, Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences, Medact, Operation Noah, Oxfam,  People & Planet, Plan B, Practical Action,  Road Block, RSPB,  Save our World, Speak, Surfers Against Sewage, Sustrans, Tearfund, UNISON, The Wildlife Trusts, Take Global Warming Seriously, Transport 2000, National Federation of Women’s Institutes, UNA, UNISON, Women’s Environment Network, Woodland Trust, World Development Movement and WWF.
3.  The I Count Campaign calls on the UK government to provide:
• action internationally: ensure that global greenhouse gas emissions are irreversibly declining by 2015
• action for justice: deliver assistance to developing countries to adapt to climate change and give access to clean energy to meet their developmental needs
• action in the UK: introduce a Climate Bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 3% per year.

4.  Images and VNR from I Count in Trafalgar Square www.icount.org.uk/media and  www.largeblue.com/extranet/green.tv/, the password to access this is 'scc', all in lowercase text.