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'The biggest issue of our time': A generation mobilises for the UK student movement's largest ever event on climate change

The UK's leading school and campus organisation campaigning for action on world poverty and the environment, People & Planet, is calling for the youth of  the UK to stand up and be counted in a mass demonstration on climate change.

Climate change is quite simply the biggest problem we have ever faced ... as environmental scientists predict that escalating climate chaos will cost the lives of millions, ruin the livelihoods of millions more, severely affect animal and planet life across the globe and cost trillions of dollars. While politicians might be able to afford short-term views; the young people of the world cannot. It is our future at stake, which is why we are taking the lead in demanding real action now.

People & Planet, as the student representatives within the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, are preparing to stage the huge student carnival as part of the ‘I Count’, event in London, on Saturday 4th November, 2006, from 12 noon.

Thousands of students and young people from across the UK are expected to  join the carnival on Saturday 4th November to demand that politicians take action on the global crisis facing our generation. In particular, we are calling for a Climate Change Bill in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech, which will create a 'carbon budget' to track and manage greenhouse gases emitted by the UK as a whole. This is urgently needed to deliver the substantial and sustained cuts necessary to combat the appalling social and environmental effects of climate change, (already responsible for the deaths of 150,000 people a year, according to the World Health Organization).

Campaigners will march en-mass from Bloomsbury (opposite the University of London Union) to Trafalgar Square. This  will be no ordinary demo; instead, it will be a Rio Style 'Carnival of Climate Chaos', with waves of dancing students led by a massive Samba band, creating huge 'living art' installations to illustrate the effects of climate chaos.

The 4th November event is part of the wider ‘I Count’ campaign to stop climate chaos, launching at the beginning of October. In the run up to 4th of November, People & Planet groups and Students' Unions will be lobbing local MP to support the Climate Bill in the Queen's Speech as we demand action from the government and not just words.

The ‘I Count’ event precedes the Queen's Speech and the next round of climate change negotiations in Nairobi, Kenya, that start on 6th November. The ‘I Count’ campaign is calling on them to take action in three areas:

• Action in the UK: The first step the government can take towards delivering annual reductions in greenhouse gas emissions of 3% (through the creation of a comprehensive Carbon Budget), is to announce in the forthcoming Queen’s Speech that it will introduce a Climate Change Bill.

• Action internationally: Make it a top priority to ensure that global greenhouse gas emissions are irreversibly declining by 2015.

• Action for justice: To provide all necessary assistance to developing countries to both adapt to climate change and, in the longer term, get access to sufficient clean energy to meet their developmental needs.

All are welcome to join the 'I Count' event; further details of which can be obtained from the following websites: peopleandplanet.org/november4, www.stopclimatechaos.org and www.icount.org.uk

For further information and interview or image requests, please contact:

Student Mobilisation Information/Student Press & Media:
James Lloyd Head of Campaigns
[email protected] or call 01865 245678 / 07811 370588

General Enquires:
Alison Blower  National Media Coordinator
[email protected] or call 020 7324 4750 / 07967 698928

People & Planet is the national student network campaigning to end world poverty, defend human rights and protect the environment. Our network covers 70% of Britain’s universities and 10% of Sixth Forms.

For more info visit peopleandplanet.org

Stop Climate Chaos is a growing coalition of many of the UK’s leading environment, development and women’s organisations, activist and faith-based groups. Its members include Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Oxfam, People & Planet, RSPB, Tearfund, UNISON, The Wildlife Trusts, National Federation of Women’s Institutes and WWF.

For more info visit icount.org.uk

Press release prepared by Emma Jones for James Lloyd Head of Campaigns