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Purple balloons at climate rally succeed in making CO2 visible

How 'thinking purple' may save the world

How not even Nelson could turn a blind eye to carbon dioxide if it were purple

Come off it press release

On Climate Day, 4th November, a coalition of enterprising individuals* gave away large numbers of small plain purple balloons, filled with helium gas**, each simply labelled CO2.  See photos -Photograph credit: BILL BORDASS (MORE AVAILABLE) - effectively painting the sky line of the whole rally purple.

The balloons proved irresistible to campaigners of every persuasion, and especially to children.  Each balloon represents around 10 grams of CO2.  The lifestyle of the average UK citizen creates 100 of these balloons full of CO2 every hour.

UK citizen 100/hour
USA 200
China 20
India 10
Africa 0

Nature can cope with between 10 and 20 every hour (but not 100).   If CO2 were visible, humanity would clearly have taken action to contract its emissions decades ago.  Imagine seeing the sky start to fill up with purple!  No one would have denied there was a problem.  As well as standing to be counted and demanding government action on climate chaos, we can also each start counting our own personal CO2 and shrinking our own giant purple bubble.

Unlike human CO2 emissions - the supply of these small balloons was strictly limited!

One person, one balloon was the order of the day.

Curiously enough that same notion (one person one balloon) is exactly THE heart of the ONLY climate change framework widely thought likely to save humanity from itself.  The framework is called Contraction and Convergence (C&C.)   Many hundreds of campaigners - united - all wore T shirts saying  "The Future is C&C".

Dave Hampton said: "Those in DEFRA who think that the pursuit of equity and fair shares of emissions might not be 'workable' need to think twice.  They should consider how 'workable' the current emissions situation is.  We don't need to believe in 'one person one balloon' for moral or ethical reasons.  Anyone can see that fair shares is the only principal that will ever gain agreement - hence we need to adopt it - if we wish to save our children from ourselves.  Sadly UK goverment is painfully slow to endorse C&C.  It is the best framework we have. It is essential it gets adopted at Nairobi so we can make a start stopping climate chaos"

At County Hall, all the electric interior lights were turned off as a symbolic gesture.   Several businesses, institutions and individuals followed suit as part of a Campaign called 'Blackout London' - in which everyone was invited to turn off any unnecessary lighting or power on the day.

Finally, thousands of people participated in saving the planet from the comfort of their own homes by trimming back on their power use at home as part of the national

Come Off It www.comeoffit.org campaign.  Being in a state of heightened carbon consciousness is exactly what we need - globally, nationally and - most of all perhaps - individually.

"You may not like it, but there is only one person that can save the world, and that's you"  said the Carbon Coach.  Every one of us can be a superhero.



*The balloons were provided by Dave Hampton the carbon coach on behalf of the think purple coalition www.thinkpurple.info

** Each recipient was asked to dispose of the small balloon responsibly at the end of the day, and not to release it into the air.

Balloons were distributed by the supporters of the Campaign against Climate Change.

Organisations backing think purple include CarbonSense, Carbon Coach, National Energy Foundation, the Youth Charter, Reasons to be Cheerful, Comic Company and a great many others.

Organisations backing Come Off It day are listed at www.comeoffit.org

Come Off It is a member of the I Count coalition organised by Stop Climate Chaos