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Carbon Coach calls for ' personal carbon disclosure for leadership'

A hot new topic on climate change leadership has been added to the 10 Downing Street Open Government ‘e-petitions’ website.  The request is for every Cabinet Minister, and everyone in positions of public leadership, to estimate and disclose their total annual CO2 emissions - their personal ‘carbon cloud’ (often referred to as a ‘carbon footprint’)


Dave Hampton - the carbon coach - and originator of the petition - said :
“Up until recently, CO2 emissions have been pretty ‘invisible’ in the public gaze.  But now we aware of our ‘air-fill’ waste - the dark shadow we throw - the baggage that goes with our lifestyle in the form of our personal CO2 emissions - our carbon cloud”

“Anyone aspiring to climate leadership needs to know the scale of their own ‘silent but deadly’ “carbon cloud.”  Otherwise a shadow may be cast over otherwise inspirational leadership.”

“The petition is a call to make the invisible transparent and to get all our dirty carbon baggage out into the open!  It’s simple.  We need to be tough on the causes of climate crisis:  Ourselves. 
It’s time to cut the carbon, and stop cheating on the children.”

In a twist of the tail, signatories are instructed:
<NB Before signing petition be sure to know your OWN carbon cloud>
There are many “carbon calculators” readily located by a web search.
Dave prefers the visually interesting cloud estimator on the MSN news and weather pages:   http://specials.uk.msn.com/carbonemissionsestimator
The sky changes colour as you enter your basic home energy and travel data on this site

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