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Bush speech offers little new on climate change

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Commenting on President Bush's State of the Union address last night, Friends of the Earth's International climate coordinator Catherine Pearce said:
"The President's State of the Union address does little to suggest that the Bush Administration is prepared to play its role in tackling climate change. His weak green light to renewable fuels, refusal to cut fossil fuel subsidies and his call for further imports, completely undermines last year's recognition of the need to end the nation's oil addiction.

"As leader of the world's top polluter Mr Bush should face up to his nation's global responsibilities and set targets for cutting US emissions. But President Bush appears unwilling to change direction and take urgent action to combat the devastating economic and environmental threats posed by climate change."

Friends of the Earth is calling on President Bush to:

. Set targets for legally-binding substantial cuts in US carbon dioxide emissions. Several bills calling for carbon dioxide caps - supported by politicians businesses across the US - are currently before Congress.

. Back international efforts to combat climate change - such as the Kyoto Protocol - and stop disrupting international agreements to tackle climate change.


The US with around four per cent of the world's population is responsible for approximately a quarter of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.