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Stark findings on climate change

Friends of the Earths international climate campaigner, Catherine Pearce is in Paris. Director, Tony Juniper and head of campaigns, Mike Childs are also available for interview.
Please call Kath Stipala, Media Officer, Friends of the Earth, Media line (24 hrs) 020 7566 1649

MEDIA BREIFING  1 February 2007

The worlds leading scientific experts are set to deliver the latest, starkest findings on climate change.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change begins its release of the long anticipated Fourth Assessment Report in Paris on 2 February 2007, which is set to provide the most credible evidence yet of the human link to climate change and its devastating impacts.

The report which has taken six years to compile draws on research by 2,500 scientists from over 130 countries and should shock the world into taking urgent action to reduce global emissions.

Catherine Pearce, Friends of the Earths International Climate Campaigner, said:

This report will show with unquestionable certainty that we are to blame for the last 50 years of warming. The recorded changes in our climate, which had been predicted to start many years from now are already upon us  and with some bleak predictions to come.  We can no longer afford to ignore growing and compelling warnings from the worlds leading experts.

This report should provoke the UK government to move its plans for action on climate change up a gear, ensuring that the climate change law - which is going through Parliament - delivers the cuts in carbon emissions which are needed. The Big Ask, Friends of the Earths climate campaign, is calling for a law which commits the Government to reducing the UKs carbon dioxide emissions by at least 3 per cent every year. The law would provide the clarity and confidence Government departments and business need to invest in the solutions to climate change. By taking a lead, the Government will give UK business a competitive advantage in the emerging low carbon friendly market.   

Catherine Pearce, Friends of the Earths International Climate Campaigner will be present in Paris for the:

10th Working Group I Session from Wednesday 31st January (meeting starts Monday 29th) at the Salle II of the UNESCO Building in Paris.

Press conference to present the approved text of the Summary for Policymakers of the Report at 9.30 AM Central European Time on Friday, 2 February at: Salle IV, Mezzanine Floor), UNESCO Conference Centre, 125, Av de Suffren, 75007 Paris

Notes  to editors - Background to the Fourth Assessment Report:

 The report is broken down into four sections. The timing for publication of each section is as follows:

2 February  Working Group I, Science of climate change

6 April  Working Group II, Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

4 May  Working Group III, Mitigation

Mid November  Final Synthesis Report, covering key findings of all three Working Groups.

Working Group I - The Physical Science Basis of Climate Change, will assess:

What progress has been made in understanding and attributing climate change?

What do observations of the atmosphere, oceans, sea level, snow and ice tell us?

How has climate been behaving in the last hundreds of thousands of years?

What are the projections of future changes?

The Report includes significantly advanced observations of the climate system, presents new projections of future global climate change using results from 19 climate models, all with improved representations of physics, chemistry, and spatial resolution. The report also covers the range of anthropogenic greenhouse gases and other factors that drive climate change.