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Canal Floats Tesco’s Boat

Tesco CanalTesco is to cut its carbon footprint by becoming the first UK retailer to transport its goods by canal.

The UK’s biggest supermarket will today begin ferrying containers of wine imported from California, Chile and Argentina from the docks in Liverpool to their bottling plant in Manchester.

The retail giant estimates that the initiative will take 50 lorries off the road every week, cutting the CO2 emissions of the existing method of transport by up to 80%.

“This move will be like taking a step back to the pre-car days of the late Victorian era - when a lot of cargo was still transported by canal,” said Tesco Distribution Director Laurie McIlwee. “But is a step forward in helping to address today’s important environmental issues.”

The new cargo service will involve three journeys a week, delivering an estimated 600,000 litres of wine on each journey along the 40 mile stretch of the canal.

In May 2006 Tesco became the first UK retailer to move its product from road to rail when it introduced purpose-built ‘green’ trains.

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published: 17:00 - Thursday 18 October