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Badgering Your MP Really Does Work

Over 1,000 I Count supporters have so far contacted their MPs over the Climate Change Bill, using the e-action template we mailed out two weeks ago.

Badgering your MP really can make a difference and no one knows this more than a local Friends of the Earth (FoE) group, who last month managed to convert their MP from climate complacent to climate campaigner.

Back in August Patrick Hall, MP for Bedford, told a constituent that he thought the Climate Change Bill was challenging enough in its current form. The Labour MP also suggested that people in his constituency didn't care about climate change.

Fast forward to October and the FoE group met with Mr Hall to talk to him about climate change and handover over 100 locally collected postcards that called for immediate action on global warming.

The MP subsequently went on to tell Gordon Brown in Prime Minister's Questions on 24 October that the current Bill is not tough enough and now is the perfect time to strengthen it.

Well done to Mr Hall for listening and raising the issue with the Prime Minister. And well done also to the FoE local group who drew his attention to the issue.

You too can make sure your MP knows that you are counting on them to make the Climate Change Bill count by dropping them an email.

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You can also join forces with likeminded irresistible people in your area to collectively badger your MP through our I Count Community Groups Map.

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published: 18:38 - 8 November 2007