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Climate Change Bill Published Today

Today is a day to be celebrated by climate change campaigners as it marks the publication of the much anticipated Climate Change Bill, which is expected to be fast-tracked through Parliament over the next six months.

The Bill, the world's first legally binding framework to cut carbon emissions, will first be reviewed by the House of Lords before being voted on in Parliament in spring 2008. And you can bet that we at I Count will be following its progress throughout.

As reported by I Count last month, the emissions reduction target is to be set at 60% by 2050, although both Gordon Brown and Environment Secretary Hilary Benn have stated that the target will be reviewed by the new Committee on Climate Change. The inclusion of the UK's contribution to aviation and shipping emissions is also expected to be reviewed by the independent committee.

photo credit: Nick Cobbing

I Count welcomes the publication of the Climate Change Bill today but asks that the House of Lords raises the carbon reduction target from 60% to at least 80% by 2050. An 80% reduction target currently equates to a 3% reduction year on year for the UK.

Ashok Sinha, Director of I Count said: “The Lords has first innings at this landmark law and must see that an 80% emissions target can’t wait. The proposed 60% target in the legislation published today is not going to keep us the under the Government recognised global warming tipping point of 2 degrees C and a revision down the line will be too late.

“We are confident that the Lords will also want to see shipping and aviation sectors included in the Bill as their absence is a huge omission in terms of their carbon contributions - as well as the introduction of annual milestones to check we are on track,” added Dr Sinha.

According to Manchester's Tyndall Centre - a UK organisation that brings together scientists, economists, engineers and social scientists to research the potential effects of climate change - if industrialised countries only deliver a 60% reduction target, and ignore aviation and shipping, we are likely to see a global temperature rise of 4 degrees C or more.

Please click on the link below to email your MP about the Bill. We've already created a template that asks for our Top 3 Changes (pictured right) to be made to the Bill before it is voted on and we'll even find your MP's email address for you.

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published - 11:05 - 15 November 2007