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KT’s Drastic Fantastic Take on Climate Change

KT Tunstall
has taken time out of her busy touring schedule to talk to the Metro newspaper about greening her lifestyle and encouraging others to do so.

The Scottish born singer/songwriter, a long-term campaigner on eco-issues, has gone to extraordinary lengths to lessen her impact on the environment - both in her professional and personal life.

KT’s first album, ‘Eye To The Telescope’, sold over 4 million copies and for each CD sold the Grammy nominated star donated a sum of money to plant trees in Scotland. Owing to the phenomenal success of the album, over 6,000 trees have been planted in KT’s name. KT is also investing in green energy schemes set up in developing countries to balance the CO2 emissions of her latest album, 'Drastic Fantastic'.

In addition, the singer has shunned the ostentatious pop star lifestyle and lives in a small North London flat, which she has totally renovated to be as green as possible using innovative initiatives including solar panels and sheep’s wool insulation. KT only buys second-hand or eco-friendly furniture and, in a firm dismissal of that industry standard status symbol, she claims: “As much as I’d love that Porsche. I don’t own a car.”

KT, who performed at both the I Count rally in London in November 2006 and at Live Earth in the US, also keeps a keen eye on global developments and is this week very eager to highlight the UN climate change talks that are set to wrap up in Bali this within the next 24 hours.

“During the last two weeks, political leaders from around the world have been in Bali to update the current environmental plan, the Kyoto Agreement, which runs out in 2012,” says KT. “Politicians faced an historic opportunity to either save or wreck the planet but seem unable to reach a meaningful consensus.”

At time of going to press the talks in Bali appear be deadlocked, with the US seemingly refusing to budge on setting emissions targets (click here for more information).

However, there is still time to email UK environment secretary Hilary Benn, who is at the talks, to encourage him to do his bit to see that a fair and effective deal is put in place before the talks close.

We at I Count have done all of the work and have prepared an email template on your behalf. All you have to do is click below and, within a few more clicks, you will have let Mr Benn know that you are counting on him to deliver.

KT’s doing her bit, please do yours.

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published: 11:20 - 14 December 2007