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Bali Sees Delivery of the World's
Biggest Ever Climate Change Petition

Environment secretary Hilary Benn was today presented with a climate change petition featuring messages from over 2.6 million people from 193 countries.

Pledges and petitions from the likes of Oxfam, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth were co-ordinated, combined and collectively delivered to Mr Benn at the UN climate change talks in Bali by Avaaz.org - the international community organisation that promotes political action on major global issues.
photo: NG Swan Ti

I Count chipped in with a whopping 300,000 pledge cards that it amassed over the past 18 months (so thank you to everyone who sent in cards, we’ve certainly got a great deal of mileage from your colossal contribution - Ed).

The handover of the petition to Mr Benn was a collective calling from across the globe to let policymakers know that they must pull together an effective and fair global deal on climate change by the close of talks later today.

As flagged up on Oxfam International’s website: “Delegates have all and facts and figures they need to move forward and tackle climate change, from the Stern review - which looked at the economics, the IPCC reports - that covered the science, and the United Nation’s Human Development Report - which put the human impacts of climate change in stark terms. All is needed is the political will.

“Politicians and public servants that are here in Bali, representing their countries, need to show that they have been listening, to the experts, to the civil society organisations, but most importantly to women and men from around the world, who are standing together and demanding that their representatives take care of our future and that they take their responsibilities seriously,” concluded Oxfam’s statement.

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published: 12:32 - 14 December 2007