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Ashok’s Bali Conclusion

I Count director Ashok Sinha travelled to Bali for the UN hosted climate change talks that closed last weekend following a tense deadlock and a run of 11th hour debates.

Please read below for Ashok's round-up of the crucial summit meeting...


"This year the UN conference on climate change was certainly a white knuckle ride with the outcome being a mixed bag of success and disappointment.

Two vital steps forward were achieved. With the US finally responding to pressure, 190 countries agreed ‘a Bali roadmap’ to succeed Kyoto, which sets us all on course for a treaty that will be finalised at further talks in Copenhagen in 2009.

Secondly, poor countries - the least responsible but most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change - are to be the beneficiaries of an estimated $80 billion annual global adaptation fund, which is great news.


However a notable disappointment was the lack of stated commitment by the industrialised world to the speed and scale of action needed to stay under the IPPC recognised 2 degree C global warming danger threshold.

The EU goal of 25-40% carbon reduction targets by 2020 failed to make it to the document and became instead a much weakened footnote. So whilst an important stride was made, the omission of targets militates against urgent action required to stop climate chaos and means increased vulnerability for developing counties. 

So we saw huge progress in terms of a collective destination for 2009 but the challenge that lies ahead is now in the detail of the journey - this is the formidable but also achievable task ahead for the next two years."

Ashok Sinha
Director - Stop Climate Chaos  

Click below for Ashok's blog from Bali for The Guardian.

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published: 15:15 - Monday 17 December