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Pete Greens up his Act

Pete Doherty
is cleaner than The Police, well, at least when it comes to his green credentials, according to the NME.

The weekly music mag today published the findings of a report it compiled with carbonfootprint.com to reveal the green leanings (or lack of) of pop’s biggest hitters.

Doherty, whose wayward behaviour is well known to the Metropolitan Police, faired far better than eco-warrior Sting’s band, The Police, who were criticised for the massive carbon emissions generated by their 2007 reunion stadium tour.

John Buckley, managing director of carbonfootprint.com, said: “The Police played lots of big stadiums - they need to be careful over where they play, and make sure it's near public transport.”

Leicester’s Kasabian were also singled out as carbon criminals in the poll.

By comparison, Doherty and indie trio The Cribs were applauded for playing small venues, thus resulting in less fan travel and therefore less CO2 emissions.

Radiohead was rated the most ‘green’ band for pledging to cut their tour emissions after learning that they would have had to have planted 50,000 trees to absorb the emissions of their ‘Hail to the Theif’ world tour.

The multi-million selling band was also commended for initially releasing its latest album, ‘In Rainbows’, as a download only - therefore saving on packaging materials and the environmental cost of distribution. .

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme last week, Radiohead singer and Friends of the Earth campaigner Thom Yorke told of his band’s plans to travel by bus on their forthcoming tour: “At this stage the normal protocol would be to fly in/fly out every night, so to choose to bumble about on a bus is going to be interesting.”

However, Yorke also recognised the impact of fan travel, which is estimated to create up to 90% of an event’s emissions. “I guess it’s obvious, it’s the mass of people travelling to one place,” noted Yorke.

If you’re off to a gig this weekend, please consider taking public transport. You’ll be helping to cut CO2 emissions and, what’s more, if you manage to blag a backstage pass you won’t have to worry about driving home after polishing off the band’s rider.

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published: 16:34 - 9 January 2008