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Climate Change Bill
Week of Action
sees 200 events nationwide

The I Count Climate Change Bill - Week of Action rounded off on Saturday (5 April) having seen over 200 Stop Climate Chaos coalition events taking place up and down the country - with thousands of campaigners joining forces to protest for a tougher Bill.


Romance was in the air for our friends at Christian Aid. The international development agency targeted MPs to seek their loving commitment to an 80% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. Numerous politicians, including Katy Clark - MP Labour MP for North Ayrshire and Arran (above) and veteran Labour stalwart, Gerald Kaufman (left), found themselves on the receiving end of the campaigners' amorous attention.

Friends of the Earth
's nationwide day of action on Saturday saw around 70 local groups staging a series of events to highlight Gordon Brown's ongoing support of aviation expansion in the UK (left). Protestors donned Gordon masks and paraded as the PM on town squares across the nation.

World Development Movement  lobbied MPs up and down the country and hooked up with Friends of the Earth in the South East to add a bit of visual clout to the aviation argument with their huge inflatable airliner (right).

The Campaign Against Climate Change set up shop opposite the Houses of Parliament (above) to push for the inclusion of the UK's share of aviation and shipping emissions to be included in the Bill. As they say on their website: "the omission of these two is a glaring loophole in the Bill - under the flimsy excuse that because these things are "international" they cannot come under a national target."  

Thanks to everyone that helped stage the events over the last week and to all of those of who turned up to take part. Together we are irresistible.  

Please visit our Week of Action Flickr page to see more pictures from the Week of Action and to upload your images.

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