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This Bill's Got No Balls

"This Climate Change Bill needs balls if we're ever going to tackle (pardon the pun) climate change. I will be putting the squeeze on my MP to make sure we have a tough bill. You should too." Mathew Horne - voice over for the film

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As you can see in the film, this Bill's got not balls but you can make sure the Climate Change Bill does when it's voted on in Parliament later this summer.

To ensure that the Climate Bill does have the balls to stop climate chaos, we're asking you to put the virtual squeeze on your MP by email.

Simply click on the link below, read what we’re asking for and, if you’re happy with it, just press send.

Oh yeah, you'll need to be signed up to or signed in to
I Count so we can track down who your MP is through your postcode. Don't worry, we won't send you any nonsense, just our gratitude for letting your MP know that you're counting on him or her.


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Click here to give the Bill some balls >>

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