Climate Change Causes

We all know that the climate is changing, it’s been changing for quite some time. But many people have been led to believe that the reason it’s changing is because of us, humans. Well today you will find out that humans are not at all to blame. It’s just lines from scientists (with agendas) that has caused you to think like this. Most of the studies that claim humans are responsible have been funded by grants. How many grants do you think they would get if everyone concluded that there was no human connection.

Time Is Running Out Response

This reply is in response to the July 11 letter, “Time is running out to stop climate chaos.”

The writer stated that, “It’s time for ourselves and our governments to pay attention to the warnings. It’s not too late to turn around the human-caused tsunamis of increasing calamities.”

Where is the relationship between human activity and tsunamis? A tsunami is a massive tidal wave that is the result of earthquakes and other seismic activity beneath the sea’s surface.

The letter is positive proof of the gullibility of that faction of society that will absorb and react to anything they read, see or hear.

May I suggest the writer research a Greek historian named Thucydides, who as early as 426 BC, had made the following statement, at a time when the gods were blamed for such calamities: “The cause, in my opinion, of this phenomenon, must be sought in the earthquake.”

John Hamon, Gravelbourg.


From giant inflatable aeroplanes and effigies of Gordon Brown to 12 ft coal power stations in Parliament Square, supporters of I Count’s Week of Action (30 March – 5 April 2008) will be participating in hundreds of UK-wide events to make sure their local MP supports a Climate Change Bill with bite.

Supporters of I Count, the campaign of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, have been ramping up the pressure to get a strong climate change law over the past 12 months. This week politicians will be feeling the pressure in their own constituencies where events and activities will be demanding that they support a tougher Climate Change Bill. Ashok Sinha, Director of the I Count campaign said. “The groundbreaking Climate Bill must protect us from the dangerous 2 degree C tipping point and commit to at least an 80% carbon dioxide reduction target by 2050 as well as include aviation and shipping emissions.”

The Climate Change Bill Week of Action activities include:
Christian Aid supporters will propose on bended knee with a giant diamond ring to demand that their local MP commits to a strong Climate Bill
UK student group, People & Planet will erect a twin towered 12ft coal power station on Parliament Square with masked Gordon Browns ‘burning’ a mock Climate Bill on Fossil Fools Day, followed by a mass lobby of MPs
the Campaign Against Climate Change will also converge on Parliament Square on 5 April demanding that aviation and shipping are included in the Climate Bill;
Word Development Movement and Friends of the Earth local groups will collaborate on 5 April with effigies of Gordon Brown playing with a giant inflatable aeroplane branded with ‘climate change kills’ in the London and Brighton area

Information of other activities which have been organised around the country can be found on the I Count events map at

Note: We tried to recover the news from 28 March in order to spread the word!