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The decission is yours Mr Hutton...

Dear Mr Hutton

The burning of coal for the production of energy is responsible for over 50% of the manmade carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so why is the Government planning to build more coal-fired power stations instead of switching to green energy sources?

As a supporter of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, I am really excited that the Climate Change Bill we lobbied so hard for is soon to become law. But I fear that the targets set in the Bill will be that much harder to stick to if the Government goes ahead with its plans to develop new coal power.

We must cut emissions by at least 80% by 2050. However, if the eight proposed new coal power stations are built, these facilities alone will wipe out over half of the UK's carbon budget.

I am therefore asking that you instigate a wide-ranging and thorough review of the Government's policy on coal before embarking on a programme that will have catastrophic consequences.

Yours sincerely

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