Could climate change be the cause of the extreme weather in UK

The Met office have said that in the past 40 years more water has evaporated into the air and if you did science in primary school you would know what that means the clouds get bigger and rains heavy like what happened in Britain dew months ago.

Study shows that there has been a 5% increase in the amount of moisture in the oceans, so that means there will be more rain the usual. There might be a reason the Antarctic is looking its ice there is more water in the ocean so it means more water gets taken in as clouds.

Right now there is a lot of low pressure in the oceans that why we been getting wind and rain in the summer. The study also showed that the second hottest November was more likely in 2012 than in 1960. It’s up to us if you want to stop global warming if will be the one suffering so let’s act before it’s too late.