Will climate change really kill the Amazon?

You hear on TV and other media telling you that the lungs of the earth are dyeing due to climate change. But is it actually true? Well an experiment carried has said that tropical forest could get bigger.
How well we are killing the forest people are cutting them down at a rapid rate and the only way we can keep the forest going is by extending the area of tropical forests by moving to Africa and latin America.
The good organization with which plants use the water increases with CO2 concentration. This is measured to be the reason that the North African desert is greening even though the rainfall hasn’t changed over the past 50 years.

Rising CO2 preceeds global cooling. We are in a period of global cooling with a spike in geothermal artivity. We have seen record cold winters all over the world, record snow falls for 60/70 years and even though this cooling is not admitted in the NWO controlled MSM. The fact is, there has been no global warming for 15 years.
There is a theory and if you want to comment negatively, forget it, I am not interested, that every so often , as our Earth`s core cools (cooling core is a fact) the tectonic plates grow in size…hence the current earthquke and volcanic spikes. The magnetic pole is moving about like a spinning top…we are due a flip and our Sun is doing, or not doing stuff that has scientists baffled.