Top 3 reasons for climate chaos

climate change

Causes for climate changes can be divided down to two categories one being natural and one being human causes and we will focus on the human side since there is not much we can do to affect the climate change if it the causes are natural.

1. It is thought that one of the main contributors to a climate is the carbon emissions that come from the industrial process although techniques are being used to cut down the carbon emission’s it is still a large contributor.

2. Deforestation is also a contribution as our Rain forests in our world are accountable for absorbing 20% of man made carbon emission but by cutting down trees in a rainforest ate a fast and mass rate we are leaving more carbon emission in our atmosphere which could have been absorbed by the rainforest thus reducing the chances of climate change.

3. One factor that you may have not thought would be a big contributor is Nitrous oxide which is also known as laughing gas. This is said to be the third biggest gas contributor to global warming.