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Just how irresistible are you?

Find out now.

Which phrase best describes you?
a ~ I am smug and gloating, I pride myself on being as unreasonable as possible and I often find delight in the pain of others.
b ~ I do my best to treat other people as I would like them to treat me.

When in the company of others are you most likely to
a ~ utter a series of low grunting noises until you get attention?
b ~ listen to what people are saying and avoid making jokes about their appearance?

A stranger carrying a large amount of shopping asks for your help to get across a busy road. Do you
a ~ push them into the traffic?
b ~ help them across the road?

Someone you vaguely know comes up to you at a party, they are obviously uncomfortable about being there on their own. Do you
a ~ confront them with a series of incomprehensible and insulting facial expressions?
b ~ talk to them?

You know something needs to be done about climate change, do you
a ~ remove all the loft insulation from your home?
b ~ sign up with I Count?



a’s ~ Do the test again, this time reading it more carefully. If this doesn’t work call the authorities, and hand yourself over.

b’s ~ You’ve cracked it. Being irresistible is a state of mind. It’s believing you can make a difference.


If you’ve signed up to I Count, well done. If you haven’t yet signed up, do it now. The alternatives don’t make sense.