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About I Count

If you care, count. It’s your voice, your choice. I Count will inspire people across the UK to take action.

I Count is the campaign of the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, the ever-growing coalition of more than 35 organisations, has over 700 years’ experience working for a safer, fairer world.

Together we are millions of people - and counting.

The UK government is failing to take the necessary action to prevent the chaos that climate change will cause. That's why together we have launched the I Count campaign.

We are calling on the government to:

  • Take a lead on the global stage, working for an international agreement to cut climate pollution. World-wide this must be in decline by 2015.
  • Cut the UK's emissions by at least 3% year on year.
  • Help the poorest countries get access to clean energy, help them cut out poverty and deal with the climate disasters they are already facing.

We will build irresistible popular pressure on politicians to act - and act fast. If we choose, we can make our politicians, at home and on the international stage, take the actions needed. And that means making your voice, your actions, count.

Make noise be visible

They cannot ignore us all.

Nothing on this scale has been attempted, but nothing else will do. It’s too big - too important - for any one person, company or group.

You are irresistible, we are irresistible.

Together we really can stop climate chaos.

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The I Count coalition
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