Time Is Running Out Response

This reply is in response to the July 11 letter, “Time is running out to stop climate chaos.”

The writer stated that, “It’s time for ourselves and our governments to pay attention to the warnings. It’s not too late to turn around the human-caused tsunamis of increasing calamities.”

Where is the relationship between human activity and tsunamis? A tsunami is a massive tidal wave that is the result of earthquakes and other seismic activity beneath the sea’s surface.

The letter is positive proof of the gullibility of that faction of society that will absorb and react to anything they read, see or hear.

May I suggest the writer research a Greek historian named Thucydides, who as early as 426 BC, had made the following statement, at a time when the gods were blamed for such calamities: “The cause, in my opinion, of this phenomenon, must be sought in the earthquake.”

John Hamon, Gravelbourg.

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